Manpower Recruitment and Placement System 


An Ideal system (multi-user) for Manpower Recruitment Service Providers and Candidates looking for jobs.


HR DataFlowOffer






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Employer details are stored with the Job Opening of the employers.



Job Opening 




With all the details information of each candidate, such as Skill Set, Experiences and Education details

with facility to upload the original resume for view.

At any point of time Candidate with specific skill set and experiences can be searched for any prospective employer.




Skill Set  Experience


Job Opening SummaryJob Search

Jobs can be searched for a particular Candidate from the Candidate screen. If any job is mactched on the basis of Skill set of Candidate and Skill set requirement of Employers,  those jobs are displayed in Jobs Opening Summary screen.



Job Application

Job Application

Once the matching candidates are identified, final job matching is done from Job Application screen. After that the matching candidates details are sent to the employers. The status of the the job matching is updated time to time.

The status could be:  Under process, Short-listed, Selected, Not selected, Not short-listed.