Production Planning and Inventory Control System


An Ideal system (multi-user) for manufacturing companies who manufactures mass scale or on one-to-one order basis.


PPC DataFlow Offer


The system generates BOM for the Production Order.

After that during the stage of running the production it keeps track of all the necessary information such as up-to-date inventory of WIP, Raw Materials and Finished goods.

It also keeps track of time schedule of each day production.


Production SummaryProduction Order Summary: From this screen the Production Order Summary is entered.


Then clicking the Select button of a particular Production Order the user will go to the manufacturing processes of that production order. Suppose user selected AA-Dry Cell Batteries, Customer ABC TRAINING the below screen will open.




ProductionProduction Processes: There are total 7 manufacturing processes involved for AA-Dry Cell Batteries. User will select the manufacturing processes he wants to schedule.


Suppose user selected the first one AA Cell Tester, Daily Production Screen AA Cell Tester operation will open.







Production DetailDaily Production: As user selected AA Cell Tester, the Daily Production Screen for AA Cell Tester operation is opened. From this screen the user will enter the Actual Time, Production quantity Actual, Scrap and rework figure. The systems will calculate the difference of production figure compared to the scheduled one along with inventory of Input materials, output materials, Scrap and Rework figure.